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BoxMaster is a new revolutionary product that will change how gym members perceive boxing. BoxMaster is a commercial grade piece of equipment that replaces the need for a person to hold focus pads with the ability to cater to all types of members it will excite and encourage greater participation in boxing style training.


Before BoxMaster there were only two methods available to teach and train boxing; the heavy bag, and the favoured method being the focus mitts. Some of the negative issues associated with these old methods are

  1. The heavy bag has no specific target areas and the internal filling has a tendency to gather at the bottom of the bag creating a rock hard surface causing injuries if punched in that area. The punch bag can also be boring and awkward for the inexperienced user.
  2. The use of the focus pads has the potential to injure both the trainer and gym member. Gym members often miss the pad due to the inexperience of either. This commonly causes tennis elbow, or injuries to the trainer’s wrists, elbows and shoulders. Even the most experienced boxing trainers in the world are exposed to these same injuries every day.


The BoxMaster pads have been arranged to replicate the different angles associated with each type of punch. This allows the participant to throw any punch or any combination of punches at any time, creating a realistic flow to the workout unlike other boxing products on the market. A large amount of time and research has gone into the development of the BoxMaster. The key to the BoxMaster’s design lies in the spring system and angle of each pad. These springs have been set up to replicate punching a focus mitt by offering a slight give in the pads on impact. The result of this is a significant reduction in the risk of injury to both the members and the instructor.


The beauty of the BoxMaster is that it caters to every type of member, unlike methods used in the past for boxing training such as the heavy bag. The BoxMaster is a non-intimidating way to encourage members to a different style of training. We know this to be true as currently 60% of BoxMaster class participants are female. The pads are specifically arranged to cater to both right handed (orthodox), and left handed (southpaw) dominant participants. The BoxMaster piece can easily be adjusted within 10 seconds to cater for any height of your participants.


The optimal amount of space to accommodate four BoxMaster units in a line is 4 meters x 5 meters. Alternatively, the optimal amount of space for 4 pod format (north, south, east, west and back to back) is 4 meters x 4 meters.


BoxMaster test units have been involved in well over a thousand classes and there has been no need to replace pads or repair anything on the machine.